Pundit Kitchen Closes Comments

The Pundit Kitchen moderator, Pizzaburger, has closed the “comments” feature of the site until further notice.  He/she originally posted an explanation for this action, saying he/she was taking the step due to a large number of “negative comments” in recent lol threads.  Later, this explanation was deleted, leaving the reason for the closing unclear to subsequent visitors to the site.  This tactic effectively left room for speculation that it might be only a technical difficulty, allowing Pizzaburger’s real (and questionable) motive to remain hidden.

Although the specific nature of the negativity was unclear, it apparently referred to heavy criticism of the recently arrived site-moderator’s heavy-handed moderation and innovations regarding site content.  Many of the posters had been unhappy with the addition of non-lol material from outside sources, such as newspaper political cartoons and YouTube videos.  The moderations seemed to focus not on the traditional censorship targets, such as threatening remarks, but rather on the posts that were critical of the cite moderator him/herself.

The increasing hostility culminated in the call for the ousting of the moderator (“fire pizzaburger!”), and the response of the moderator in closing all comments.  Long-time posters on the site were further outraged by the  manner in which notification was done, in that the message left by Pizzaburger under each lol lacked even the merest sense of professionalism or courtesy.  [“Comments r currently, closed. Sry.”]

A number of posters to the site have been seeking an alternative forum, such as posting on some of the other cheezburger sites, or using Facebook pages.  In the meantime, comments remain closed, and efforts to contact the cheezburger organization through email have been futile.

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